Carb Counts for Beer

Beers at Teskes by r3v || clsIf you’re wondering how many carbs are in a particular brand of beer, Skilnik’s new book is one option. But there are also several online resources that list nutritional information for beers. Here are a few places to try:


Articles & Reviews

Info on Specific Beers

  • No Alcohol Low Carb Beer: If you’re trying to cut carbs and alcohol, check out this info on how non-alcoholic beers are made. Includes carb counts for Busch NA and O’Doul’s.
  • Cisk Excel the new low carb beer: Press release for Cisk Excel beer. Includes carb count.
  • Pure Blonde: Foster’s official page for their Pure Blonde beer. Includes carb counts and other nutritional information.

Photo by r3v || cls (Creative Commons)

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